Rediscovering My Own Social Needs

Self Discovery

I started this journey in November 2018, right after I got over my quarter life crisis. I was determined to be a better person and not to waste away my life. One of the tasks that I have to do is reading books. It becomes a huge part in my self discovery and my day-to-day activity.

Moment of Inspiration

At first, I saw this as a big issue because I am fully aware that humans are social being. We can’t live without each other and there’s always that instinct of tendency to be with each other in our ups and downs, to share our feelings and thoughts. It did have a bad impact on me. I started to come to work way less than usual. I didn’t go out as much. I canceled appointments. I stayed at home as much as I could.



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Tia Ella Gliata

Tia Ella Gliata


Pouring my heart out. Writing as self-therapy. Healthy lifestyle, exploring, & building a community I’ll devote my life to. Cheerio!