Some mistakes are just meant to be repeated.

Tia Ella Gliata


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When everything is shit, all you gotta do is let yourself go.

I’ve been in a really bad mood lately. No surprise there, to be honest.

I knew this would happen six months ago. Yet, there’s nothing in my power to stop it.

The context of ‘why’ in this matter is irrelevant. It’s just one of those times that everyone experiences no matter where they are in their lives when nothing goes perfectly or even remotely perfect as planned.

This is the time when I don’t want to have my shit together.

I want to spend some money unnecessarily, make some bad decisions, go on a stupid trip for a bit. I’d say that I deserve it.

I know that it wouldn’t make me feel better and I am fully aware that doing all of that would not solve my problem.

It’s just my way of rebelling to show that I am not feeling okay at the moment.

The moments when you just want to be irresponsible without making too much damage.

Below are five mistakes I do occasionally to make me feel a bit less miserable.

It’s not about problem-solving. It’s not about being wise about yourself. It’s just about breaking some of those ‘rules’ because nothing has gone your way for a while. #LessonsNeverLearned

Go on A Shopping Spree. Everyday.

Online or offline, it doesn’t matter. Just buy anything that looks good.

You don’t need it? You can give it to someone else later.

You have many many days to stay wise and careful about your money. You’ll have time to regret those expenses and eventually get over them.

Today is not that day.

Take One Week Leave from Work and Go to Some Place where There is No Internet.

This is the one that if you haven’t done it, you wouldn’t know that it would be a mistake.

Let me assure you that it will be.

The quickest thing to do when everything goes to shit is to just plug out. Get out…



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